Surface Mining


National Certificate: Rockbreaking – Surface Excavations – NQF Level 3 (62869)

The National Certificate in Rockbreaking for Surface Excavations (NQF Level 3) is a statutory requirement in terms of the Mine Health and Safety Act and Regulations for persons conducting rockbreaking operations to be deemed competent and has replaced the Government Opencast Blasting Certificate which was replaced on 30 June 2009.

Rockbreaking activities involve the breaking of rock in a pre-determined sequence to maximise the breaking of the advancing bench and at the same time minimising damage to the surroundings and to ensure a safe working environment for the production teams. These rockbreaking activities could be undertaken by means of explosives or mechanical means or a combination of both. This qualification provides for both primary and secondary rockbreaking operations in surface excavations in terms of Chapter 4, Explosives Regulations under the Mines Health and Safety Act.Info