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Skills Programme – Occupational Health & Safety Representative (MQA/SP/0120/10)

People credited with this skills programme are able to represent employees on all aspects of occupational health and safety, thereby exercising their rights and powers in terms of Mine Health and Safety Act (Act 29 of 1996) Section 30, as well as identify and report on potential hazards and risks associated to occupational health or safety.


Operate mobile machinery for surface excavation operations

There has been a growing trend to outsource training services in a variety of industries. The benefits of this form of training include: reduced maintenance costs; increased productivity and improved operator awareness and competency to ensure industry specific safe operating practices.

Training and subsequent on-the-job assessment is conducted on-site using the client’s own equipment by highly qualified, efficient and effective trainers. Length of training will be dependent upon operator’s previous experience if any and quotes are made accordingly.


Trackless Mobile Machine Operations-Underground Hardrock

This skills programme is designed to provide qualifying learners with the applied competence to operate trackless mobile machines used in underground mechanized mining operations.
The skills programme is based on specific unit standards contained in the National Certificate: Mining Operations Underground Hardrock L2 qualification specifically for trackless mobile machine operators.
Recipients of this skills programme will gain the necessary knowledge and skills associated with the operation of trackless mobile machines used in the underground mechanized mining environment.
The skills programme is designed to be flexible and empowers the learner to acquire and demonstrate knowledge, skills, attitude and values required to work safely and effectively.rt description


Operate Mining Machinery in an Underground Coal Mine

This skills programme is designed to benefit both the learner and the employer in the sector and thus contrubute to an improved economy by ensuring learner competence and enhanced productivity.

Through its design this skills programme will meet the needs of learners in the Mining and Minerals sector who required technical expertise and essential knowledge of mining machinery which this skills programme will provide.