74490 Further Education and Training Certificate: Mining Operations – NQF Level 4

The Production Supervisor plays a critical role in the mining industry. Mining activities are often conducted under dangerous and difficult conditions, which have to be managed appropriately in order to preserve the lives of those working in the industry, and ensure operational efficiency. The Production Supervisor must adapt continually to changing physical conditions in his or her area of responsibility e.g. geology and blast damage. He/she is accountable for the occupational health and safety of the team, as well as for achieving production targets.

59549 National Certificate: Rock Engineering: Strata Control Operations – NQF Level 2

The purpose of this qualification is to equip learners with the theoretical knowledge, technical skills and practical ability to function as a Strata Control Observer within the mining environment. Strata Control Observers assist personnel engaged in mining  operations to ensure the stability of mining excavations, thereby providing a safe and productive mining environment.

It is also intended to provide the basic building blocks upon which to build a further career in rock engineering. Attaining this qualification will improve the learner’s skills, thus increasing his potential employability. The concept of the four different streams, with appropriate elective unit standards, means that the learner can move between the different mining operations areas by completing the necessary elective unit standards.