short courses

Preparation for examination – Rock Engineering Certificate

This programme is designed to prepare learners for the C.O.M. Rock Engineering Certificate. Learners must have been accredited with the C.O.M. Strata Control Certificate and should have studied sufficiently since this programme is  presented at a high level by industry Rock Engineering specialists in final preparation for examinations.

Chamber of Mines: Basic & Elementary Surveying Certificate

Surveying is the technique and science of accurately determining the terrestrial or three dimensional spaces. Position of points as well as distances and angles between them. It may also be defined as the art of making accurate observations and measurements in the field to determine the relative positions of points on the earth’s surface. Surveying has been an essential element in the development of the human environment since the beginning of recorded history 5000 years ago and it is a requirement in the planning and execution of nearly every form of construction.

Preparation for examination – Strata Control Certificate

This programme is designed for learners studying towards the C.O.M. Strata Control Certificate. Learners must have completed some self-preparation prior to attendance, since the intervention is the final reparation for the examination

Chamber of Mines: Basic & Elementary Sampling Certificate

The course consists of a series of lectures and practical sessions that provide a comprehensive review of the methods used to improve mining grade control and mine profitability in a broad range of mining styles and commodities. Participants will learn a comparative methodology to assess the effectiveness of their own grade control systems.